APSON Hose Connectors

APSON Hose Connectors - Overview

APSON Hose Connectors
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APSON primarily offers the follo­wing types of hose con­nec­tors.
  • Swivel Con­nectors and Swivel Adap­ters.
  • Straight Con­nec­tors, Straight Adap­ters and Shut­ter Con­nec­tors.
All con­nec­tors have a high through­put, and are well rinse­able. They are suit­able for liquid aggres­sive media, e.g. lacquers, sol­vents, alkalis. The sealing sur­face to the block side is 90° conical, or 170° "flat." The con­nection to the hose side is smooth or bulged.
Selection Guide
The Swivel Con­nec­tors are angled (per­pen­dicu­lar or ob­tuse), or arced. Arced Swivel Con­nec­tors be­have more linear over the entire range of flow rates.
The Straight Con­nec­tors and Shut­ter Con­nec­tors are avail­able with the follo­wing block-side threads: M5, G1/8" G1/4", G3/8", G1/2".
Special fittings accor­ding to cust­omers specifi­cation are avail­able on request.