Sprayhead SH-2000

Sprayhead SH-2000
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1. Introduction to top

The APSON 4M Sprayhead SH-2000 for high rotation atomizers is a compact sprayhead with 4 medium valves. It is mainly designed for standard spindle turbines used in the industry, but can be manufactured also after customer's request.
APSON Sprayhead SH-2000 with valves and color tubing carrier (base-body, valves, color tubing carrier and hose couplings are to be ordered separately)
The APSON Sprayhead SH-2000 is particularly suitable for applications in automatic systems with aggressive media, e.g. lacquers, solvents, caustic solutions, a.o. Due to the construction and the high throughput it is very well rinsable and applicable for lacquers based on solvents, or on customer's request for water-based, metalic and filler lacquers equally well in roof and side machines.

2. Features to top

  • Supply of up to 4 utilizable media directly in the sprayhead.
  • Environmental carefully due to minimum consumption of utilizable medium.
  • Environmental carefully due to shortest rinsing times.
  • Cost-saving due to minimized consumption of rinsing medium.
  • High throughput and very good rinsing barness.
  • Simple handling when assembling and in maintenance.
  • Deadthroomfree valves and media channels optimized for throughput and rinsing.

3. Structure and Function to top

The APSON Sprayhead SH-2000 consists of:
  • Sprayhead base body and air shower body for the medium links and valves for the utilizable medium,
  • Union nut for fastening the sprayhead body to the turbine case,
  • Unscrewable air guidance ring within the front area,
  • Exchangeable lacquer tubing carrier with unscrewable pneumatic air dissipator ring.
APSON Sprayhead SH-2000 - Operational Scheme
1=Turbine motor, 2=Turbine case, 3=Turbine bearings, 4=Turbine shaft, 5=Sprayhead body , 6=Disk seal, 7=Lacquer tubing carrier, 8=Atomizer/Bell, 9=Valves
The base body and the air shower body contain the drillings and threads for the circularly arranged utilizable medium valves and medium connections as well as the color tubing carrier. The color tubing carrier leads the utilizable media and the rinsing medium into the bell. Furthermore it prevents the penetration of liquid media into the front turbine bearing and supplies the bell with compressed air during the operation.
The seals and fixing bolts for the color tubing carrier are supplied in a separate spare-part/-seal package (see Ordering Data). To each utilizable medium valve (bell valve) GVF1 to GVF4 is assigned a utilizable medium entrance (color entrance) per FE1 to FE4. Additionally the sprayhead has still a vent hole and further four connections.
  • RL - Connection for ring-air/guidance-air (Ringluft/Lenkluft), serves for shaping the spraying cone
  • LG - Connection for solvent for the bell (Loesemittel fuer Glocke), serves for rinsing the spraying bell
  • FTL - Connection for the lacquer tubing carrier cleanholding air (Farbrohrtraeger Freihalteluft) prevents getting the bell dirty
  • FL - Connection for cleanholding air (Freihalteluft) prevents penetration of liquids into turbine bearings

4. Technical Data to top

Denomination: APSON Sprayhead SH-2000
Media: Lacquers, solvents, caustic solutions, a.o.
Media pressures: max. 10 bar
Air pressures: max. 12 bar
Materials: Aluminum and brass (brass for the thread of the guidance-air dissipator)
Seals: Viton compound™, or after customer's request
Dimensions (in mm):
  • Without valves and lacquer tubing carrier: D = 74.5; H = 99
  • With valves and lacquer tubing carrier: D = approx. 105, H = 114
  • LG - Tubing screw (SL) connection* M5 for tube 4x6
  • FL - Tubing plug-in connection* M5 for tube 2.7x4
  • FTL - Tubing plug-in connection* M5 for tube 2.7x4
  • RL - Tubing plug-in connection 1/8"-NPT for tube 6x8
  • FE1 to FE4 - Tubing screw (SL) connection G1/8" for tube 4x6
  • GVF1 to GVF4 - threads for APSON 2/2-Ways Valves
* = Connections with PA sealing ring
Valves interfaces: for APSON 2/2-Ways Valves, in accordance with Ordering Data
Color tubing carrier interface: for APSON Lacquer Tubing Carrier, in accordance with Ordering Data
Fastening: Union nut for turbine case, or after customer's request
Mass: approx. 850 g, with union nut and union fittings, however without valves and color tubing carrier

5. Ordering Data to top

Denomination Part-Nr.
APSON Sprayhead SH-2000, (without valves and lacquer tubing carrier) 100-0500
APSON 2/2-Ways Valve 2003 (accessory, 4 pieces) 060-A011
APSON Guidance air Ring for Sprayhead Body - sparepart 100-0498
APSON Union Nut for fastening to the Turbine Case - sparepart 100-0226
APSON Lacquer Tubing Carrier SHC-2000 for 4 media (accessory, 1 piece) 100-0499
APSON Pneumatic air dissipation Ring for Lacquer Tubing Carrier SHC-2000 - sparepart 100-0501
APSON Lacquer Tubing Carrier SHC-2000 for 4 media - sparepart package 300-0014
  • Other dimensions for link and tubing screw connections
  • Sprayhead with more than 4 media inputs on customer's request